From Manufacturing to Customer Purchase

RIDIAS provides complete visibility to every aspect of your inventory, from the moment it arrives to the moment it’s purchased. Using RIDIAS intelligence, you can anticipate inventory shortages before they happen. You can take inventory in minutes to hours, rather than days, as well as locate specific items immediately.

  • Tedious inventory counting: Eliminates barcode scanning
  • Replenishment: Distortion from fast turnover items
  • Fast Fashion: Time-to-Floor drastically reduced
  • Shrinkage: Employee and customer theft
Inventory Counting

Use RFID handheld or fixed readers to quickly take stock inventory or locate specific merchandise.


Eliminate distortion from fast turnover items



Compliance Automation

Automatically compare store to backroom to always stay compliant.

Shrinkage Avoidance

The RF Vault will report any item that leaves the area without a sale record.


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