Prevent Equipment Failures Before They happen

Round-the-clock RFID, GPS, and satellite monitoring systems provide complete location visibility of the entire crew at all times. RIDIAS helps coordinate emergency response, improve crew safety, and reduce liability. Using RIDIAS Intelligence, you can predict equipment breakdowns and take action to avoid expensive repairs and unplanned downtimes. Use RIDIAS Autonomous Drone for aerial monitoring of operations, crews, leak detection, and locate assets in hard-to-reach areas of operation.

  • Lack of crew visibility
  • Asset management issues
  • Equipment breakdowns
  • Supply chain visibility issues
  • Emergency response coordination
Realtime Crew Visibility

24x7 visibility to your crew in any location

UAV Gas Sensing

Detect toxic gases, protect your crew, and reduce liability

Predictive Maintenance

Predict and prevent breakdowns. Track assets in hard to reach places.

Leak Detection

Aerial detection of leaks in gas lines, storage tanks etc.


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