Visibility Through the Entire Supply Chain

Track the chain of custody of critical assets from origin to final destination. RIDIAS grants real-time tracking with access to IoT infrastructure for full visibility of all items, allowing you to quickly locate assets for auditors and owners. You can then leverage RIDIAS analytics for superior business insights from your own data. Monitor your cargo with beacons, active RFID, GPS tracker with cellular on land or satellite communications at sea or areas with no cellular coverage.

  • Laborious and inefficient warehouse operations
  • Lack of supply chain visibility
  • Chargebacks for late delivery of goods
  • Sensitive cargo destruction, high insurance costs
Smart Warehouse Operations

Leverage RIDIAS IoT to transform

your warehouse operations to a smart



Supply Chain Visibility

Use sensors to track items throughout

the entire supply chain.



Delivery Accuracy

Track shipments until destination.

Avoid late delivery, lost or stolen



Sensitive Cargo Protection

Remote cargo temperature monitoring and automated alarms to guide proactive response.


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