IoT Blockchain

Chip Based Smart Contracts with RIDIAS IoT Blockchain

RIDIAS provides an un-hackable blockchain technology with certificates embedded in each chip. A simple scan by a blockchain participant reveals verifications they need to perform transactions. This can be used to prevent stolen luxury cars from being shipped out of the country. A scan at the port will link the car to the blockchain and reveal it’s a stolen car and cannot be shipped.

  • Hacking of digital certificates
  • Isolated IoT investments
  • IoT transactions security
  • Theft and fraud
Secure Distributed Ledger

RIDIAS IoT sensors you have deployed can also be used to secure your blockchain ledger. Find out how.

No Hacking of Digital Certificates

RIDIAS IoT Blockchain prevents hacking of blockchain transactions.


Leverage IoT Investments

Let your IoT investments do more for you by adopting RIDIAS IoT blockchain.

Prevent Theft and Fraud

RIDIAS IoT blockchain prevents theft and fraud.


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