Track Every Item, Patient, and Staff Member

For any item, RIDIAS allows you to instantly know the chain of custody and all its information. You can track inventory 24/7 for complete visibility and avoid out-of-stock items or holding of expensive inventory. It’s also capable of locating staff, patients, and equipment in real-time, all while satisfying FDA UDI regulations.

  • Chain of custody tracking for medical samples
  • Tedious inventory counting with barcode systems
  • Critical equipment inventory management across the health care facility
  • Checking patient temperature and/or diaper wetness
  • Locating critical personnel in emergencies
Inventory Counting

Eliminates time spent counting inventory and improves accuracy.

RF Vault

No supplies can leave the hospital

without authorization.

Patient Check Automation

Use temperature and moisture sensors to remotely send data to nurses.

Supply Visibility

Track the movement of critical supplies, locate items instantly, and know when supplies go missing.


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