Compete Effectively In The New Market Place

Use RIDIAS RFID Automotive IoT to digitize the car buying experience by managing each vehicle’s location, status, availability, maintenance, inspection etc. in real-time. Leverage this new insights to gain share in the new digital marketplace, bring buyers back to the dealership ,allow customers to tailor the car buying process, keep customers informed in real-time etc.

  • Lack of fleet visibility in the field
  • Stolen cars, shipped overseas
  • Daily inventory counting of cars
  • Dealership floor plan compliance
  • Automotive supply chain visibility
  • Tracking down missing vehicles
Stolen Car? Prevent Shipping

Our RFID Blockchain technology prevents

thieves from shipping stolen cars



Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

Intelligent vehicle management system with real-time geo-location for each vehicle. Know the status of vehicles across your operations in real-time and leverage that insight to sell more cars.


Fleet Asset Visibility

Use our pre-activated SIM GPS

trackers to gain immediate fleet

visibility, improve operational efficiency,

reduce cost, risk and liabilities.

Supply Chain Tracking

Use sensors to track cars, auto

parts and accessories throughout your

supply chain to gain complete

visibility across your supply chain.


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