Aerospace & Defense

Never Lose Luggage and Cargo Ever Again

With the RIDIAS IoT platform, every item is tracked, from luggage and cargo, to in-flight meal quantities and high-value military items. You’re able to automate baggage checks before each flight and immediately locate missing bags to ensure all bags are on the flight before departure – "no bag left behind".

  • Baggage mishandling
  • IATA compliance
  • Asset tracking
  • Government regulations
Baggage Movement Monitoring

Automate missing baggage checks prior to takeoff and delivers constant baggage movement insights.

IATA RFID Compliance

Become IATA RFID compliant with RIDIAS FRID 2.0 technology.



Supply Chain Visibility

Use sensors to track items throughout the entire supply chain.

Defense IoT Solutions

Providing innovative IoT solutions for defense with connectivity and wearables.


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