Mobile IoT

Our mobile IoT hardware includes everything you need to deploy IoT solutions anywhere including cellular/satellite routers, NB-IoT base stations, GPS trackers, Bluetooth RFID handheld readers etc. Allows connectivity for boundless tracking no matter the location. GPS trackers come with activated SIM cards- just plug into OBD 2 ports for immediate fleet visibility.

Fixed IoT

Utilize 24/7 monitoring of wide-area operations. Fixed readers and antennas can be programmed to scan constantly or only scan at scheduled times. Additional models are available to accommodate harsh environments, indoors or outdoors.

Easy access to current assets/inventory from anywhere, updated in real-time. Easily deployed and re-deployed as needs or layouts change.

Hardware Offering Sample​

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  • 555 Republic Dr., Ste 200 Plano TX 7074​