Changing the world one sensor at a time !

RIDIAS is on a quest to change the way business IoT is deployed. We are creating a future ​where IoT is ubiquitous, requiring no effort from the business to deploy, and no tech knowledge​ needed to keep it working for you.

This solution comes with significantly low cost of entry and ownership. It is simple to use, and it actually works. This is no​ science project but real business solutions that scale and made completely intelligent for a responsible autonomous digital world.

  • Why We're Unique
  • What Drives Us
  • Our Difference

Why We're Unique?

RIDIAS streamlines IoT deployments by reducing time, cost, and the complicated tech hassle involved. We provide extensive, specialized solutions as well as universal solutions that any business can leverage, at a low cost of entry. ​

What Drives Us​

Our mission is to provide a responsible, autonomous future by giving intelligence to the world's IoT sensor data. Through continuous and rapid innovation, our machine learning technology enables customers to capture and act upon information in order to improve their business efficiently and systematically.

Our Difference​

RIDIAS makes IoT deployments universal through a process that allows us to provide the fastest time to value on the market. In conjunction with a large host of sensors, including RFID, beacons, GPS trackers, infra-red, gas, pressure, and moisture, our software allows you to control and monitor your IoT infrastructure from anywhere in the world.

Our Offerings

Intelligent IoT software​ for universal end-to-end​ IoT, connecting your things​ to the digital world.​

RIDIAS comes integrated with ​the best hardware. Removes​ upfront cost, time connecting​ antennas, readers, modems.

RIDIAS supports RFID sensors, ​GPS trackers, Gas Sensors, ​Beacons, Vegetation Sensors, ​Temperature Sensors etc.

Our drones equipped with IoT​ sensors , readers, antennas etc. ​takes your IoT deployment into​ the air for aerial intelligence.

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Our Solutions


Complete visibility into your fleet, prevent ​car theft, locate cars for floorplan etc.​


Reduce inventory counting to minutes-count more often. Complete inventory visibility.

Oil & Gas

Remote/aerial monitoring of operations, ​crew, leak detection, track/locate assets.

Aerospace & Defense

Use RIDIAS IoT to track every item -luggage,​ cargo, high-value military items. ​

Events & Public Safety

Track all attendees in real time, locate ​specific individuals instantly. Spot issues.

Asset Management

Easily manage growing asset counts. Predict​ asset breakdowns, avoid expensive repairs.


Use RIDIAS IoT track animal herds, health.​ Smart irrigation and fertilizer application.


Monitor cargo with beacons, RFID,GPS ​trackers using cellular/satellite telematics.​


Locate staff, patients, and equipment in ​real-time, satisfy FDA UDI regulations.